Haystack empowers clinical research teams to...

Reduce time and labor required to enroll patients
Automation of tedious screening and chart review; real-time alerts of new patient matches
Centrally manage enrollment across studies
Tracking of the enrollment funnel across all studies on a single cloud-based platform
Increase access to future study opportunities
Real-time alerts of new study matches to pre-qualified sites within the Haystack network
Provide better care to patients
Unblocking recruitment enables greater access to novel and critical treatments for patients, while also increasing study diversity

Patient Recruitment is the Rate-limiting Step of Clinical Research

Precision medicine has led to increasingly complex and narrow trial design
More than 90% of inclusion/exclusion insights are in unstructured medical records
80% of trials are delayed due to challenges with patient recruitment

Haystack Enroll

Our flagship enrollment platform delivers the highest quality, pre-screened patient matches for clinical trials, as well as intuitive workflow tools to manage patients through screening and enrollment.

Precision-matched patient lists generated using NLP analysis of unstructured medical records
AI-assisted chart review to validate inclusion/exclusion
Cloud-based enrollment tracking to support coordination across studies and stakeholders

Breakthrough AI Technology

Our products are built on industry-leading clinical AI.
Lossless de-identification of unstructured medical records, including free text, scans, and images
Clinical NLP that reads patient records longitudinally and pragmatically to assess eligibility for trials

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